Body Rock Challenge Day 8/Master Cleanse Lemonade Day 2

So the salt water flush was largely a fail in the sense that I couldn’t drink the entire liter of salt water. It was SOOOOOOOOO awful! First, I think I put too much salt in it, and second, it was making me nauseous…even thinking about it now is making me sick to my stomach.

I will try again tomorrow I guess. :/

Drinking this lemonade, and only the lemonade is an hour to hour struggle not to give in and just eat something. And if I think about how many more DAYS I have left, I’ll give up. So for now I’m gonna take it from one moment to the next.


Grand Theft Booty
12 minutes

My Reps =

Snowboarder: 15, 16, 13

One Leg Squat + side kick (L): 5, 4, 4.5

One Leg Squat + Side Kick (R): 6, 5, 5

Shelf Butt Exercise: 18, 17, 18

Half Pistol + Pike Press (L): 3, 3.5, 3.5

Half Pistol + Pike Press (R): 4, 3.5, 4

Hanging Knee Raises Exercise Challenge
Time challenge

My Time = 4:48

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