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Body Rock Personal Challenge: Day 6 & Master Cleanse Ease-In Day 3

Today is the last day of my master cleanse ease-in. Only orange juice today. I really don’t like orange juice as it is, and thinking about having to drink one more glass is making me want to gag. Already I’m hungry. I’ve been thinking about food all day and it’s crazy how much time gets consumed not only thinking about what food to buy or prepare but in the preparing/cooking and actual eating. So much time devoted to food. Not to mention how inundated we are by food messaging. Walking ten blocks today was just one store, fast food chain, food advertisement after the other…EVERYWHERE.

This is going to be torturous. And I think the worst part is going to be the fact that I will never be able to satiate my salt tooth because the lemonade drink is kinda sweet and spicy, but not salty. 2 weeks of this (including the ease-out) and no salt, *sigh* Maybe this is just what I need.



Abs Now! Workout
Time Challenge

My Time: 22:19

Pike Press Challenge
10 minutes

My Reps: 82

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