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Master Cleanse Ease In

Yesterday I started the “ease-in” for the master cleanse that I will be doing. The first day of the ease-in is a “living foods” diet where you eat a vegan diet, and no processed foods. I will admit, I definitely cheated. That cheese was looking a little too good. But overall I mostly ate fresh fruits and veggies and some nuts.

Today was the second day of the ease-in, which consisted only of smoothies and soups, no real solid food.

Breakfast = blueberry & banana smoothie with coconut milk, honey, lime, & almond extract = SO GOOD!

Lunch = black bean soup

Snack = apple, grape, carrot, spinach smoothie. I definitely thought this was going to be awful but it was pretty good, minus the texture…it needs more water

Dinner = spinach soup. Okay so this was definitely new and I’m eating it as we speak. It’s not bad, not great, different. I think I’m struggling with the carrot broth that I made. I want it to be more salty and the sweetness of the carrots keep creeping in. Oh well

Dessert will be another smoothie = pineapple, mango, coconut milk (substituting for coconut water), and a little bit of allspice. I’m very much looking forward to that.

Tomorrow is the last day of the ease-in process and probably the worst since ALL I can drink is fresh squeezed orange juice (squeezing done by me). We’ll see how this goes. Already I want solid food and I’m barely in it

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