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I told my roommates I’m moving out early because I decided to go to grad school in the fall so I have to leave to go move to another state. They’re jaws dropped like I just rocked their world because they’d have to find a new roommate. Whatever, not my problem. Now today they wanna tell me that they found someone to move in August 1st so long as I’m out July 31st. Reasonable request on the surface, HOWEVER, I stated that it wasn’t going to be that cut and dry since my Americorps service doesn’t end until August 6th. This should be a non issue since when I moved here, I moved in on the 5th of the month because the previous roommate had to stay a few extra days in order to get everything situated and while I paid for the whole month, he paid me back for the 4 days that I had to delay moving. But I guess for ME I don’t get the same courtesy. Even as I explained that situation the oversensitive-cry-baby-ass I live with tells me ‘you’re welcome to stay in august, but you’d be paying for the whole month.’ *blank stare*…oh well, uh, uh golly gee suh, i can’t thank ye enuf fo yo hospitality, yo generosity, and yo kind kind heart, whateva would dis po buhlack woman had done widout dis great white man and dese great white people to “give” her a place to lay her weary bones…

make me sick. you didn’t do me any damn favors, you didn’t take me in off the damn streets. I pay the same amount of rent and utilities as the rest of you MFers, and you’re gonna come talk to me as some united front couple, and then “give me my options?”

So it’s okay if your previous (white) roommate leaves part way through the month and  I move in part way into the month, and it’s okay if their friend sleeps on the couch for almost this entire month, but heaven forbid I even DARE to stay an extra day into August so that I can finish my job and get a flight back to Florida! Oh no, if I do that I gotta pay you an entire month of rent—-the fuck outta here!

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