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Body Rock Personal Challenge: Day 1

It’s been a month since I’ve done any of the body rock workouts because I’ve been doing bikram yoga. So now that bikram month has expired it’s back to home workouts. I decided to make it a challenge. I wanted it to be a 30 day challenge, but between the dance conference that wore me out physically and the traveling I’ll be doing at the end of May to see people graduate, I only have about 25 days.

So my 25 day challenge is 20 workouts and 20 exercise challenges spread out over the 25 days (5 days of rest). 1 workout and 1 challenge per day.

I went through their exercise archives and picked out the challenges and workouts that I could do with little to no equipment, and that could be done in my small ass apartment, either in the living room or my even tinier room (which is too small for me to lay down on the floor with my arms stretched out). But I figured it out and got my schedule and spaced them out so that I wouldn’t be working too many of the same muscles back to back and so that time challenges were paired with workouts that were a set time (so I wouldn’t be doing time challenges all day!)

SOO I started today! Even though I’ve been very physically active all month I feel outta shape doing these workouts. Bikram increased my flexibility and muscle awareness, dancing increased my endurance, now it’s time to tone up with these body rock workouts. ALSO, next week I’m going to start the master cleanse (pray for me!)


Counter Strike Fat Workout: (I completed 25)
12 minutes

Backward Lung Kick Ups Exercise Challenge: (Took me 26:52)
Time Challenge

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