I go to Oberlin College. A small liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio. The word “niggerfaggot” was spray painted to the outside wall of Dascomb. Dascomb is one of the dorms for first-years. I’m disappointed but more than that I’m outraged. I wonder how long it will take for the administration to push this under the rug and paint over the hateful word. I don’t want them to forget. There needs to be a real discussion on campus. People are quick to say post-racial america without seeing how stupid the idea is. How can America ever be post-racial if we identify ourselves by ideas of race and ethnicity? Post-Racial America is place where we refuse to talk about race because it makes us uncomfortable. So we never actually deal with anything. There’s so much I can say but maybe later when the anger has cooled a little I can think better through my emotions. 

i go to this same LIBERAL arts college. I am completely baffled right now that such a thing could ever be plastered on a wall in the middle of our campus.


This school is full of smoke and mirrors. I wonder how quickly our administration will try to cover this up before the campus tours for perspective students in the morning.

AS an alum, I’m glad I’m not there right now…because if I was, there wouldn’t be no class today! Shit would’ve come to a halt until this issue was addressed IMMEDIATELY!-I would’ve organized the masses last night and shit would be popping off right now.