The Debate of Women’s Reproductive Autonomy Rages


Rep. Weiner: So that’s a yes. You think 435 fairly well-to-do, mostly white men should make that decision?

Rep. Johnson: I think the elected representatives of the American people should—

Rep. Weiner: —should make the decision for that woman and that child?!

Rep. Johnson: Can I finish my answer?

Rep. Weiner: It doesn’t sound terribly enticing, no.

Too good. I just don’t understand how Republicans (in general, because democrats aren’t totally excused from this) go from these highly “moralistic” stances of ‘what about the unborn baby’s rights?’ to not giving a damn if the 80% of living, breathing, Americans have health care, enough food, shelter, jobs, are being exploited, and so on  and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, at the heart of the argument I can understand their religious view point, I don’t agree with it and that may change one day when I’m pregnant, but that’s fine. But to have the AUDACITY to redefine rape to “forcible” rape, as if ANY person EVER wanted to be raped based on the circumstance or whether she came up with broken bones and bruises, is absolutely DISGUSTING! You wanna talk about rights?

Honestly, I just don’t understand how any of those representatives, especially if they have daughters, but even for their wives’ sake, can live with voting that kind of decision into policy. It makes me want to slap the shit out of them all.