North Africa and the Middle East is on FIRE

There is a contagious disease spreading from country to country in North Africa and the Middle East. The spread of this contagion is like nothing we’ve ever seen before; it can hardly be contained. There is no sample of the virus being collected, no scientific research being done. As soon as the people catch the bug, they cannot shake it off. The epidemic may eventually turn into a pandemic. Like all diseases, there is 1% of the population that is immune and in this case, that small number of people have come up with a cure! This, however, is NOT good news. Evidence shows that contact between the infected and the immune can result in death. Worse than that, when the cure is distributed among the diseased, death is pretty much imminent.

Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the first time that we can talk about the epidemic spread of disease in Africa and feel good about it. Because the disease is Revolution, the immune are the dictators and wealthy ruling elite, and the cure is their gunfire, military suppression, and censorship to the outside world.

The people are speaking. We need to pay attention. I need to pay attention to what’s going on over there. It matters