THE WORST THING AND WHAT LED ME TO CUT MY AFRO!!! People thinking because its CUTE/FLUFFY/FUNNY/STRANGE/WHATEVER, they can help theyselves, WITHOUT ASKING. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Black people are not your personal babydolls. We know we are strange. We know we are not the norm. We know its a big shock and surprise when you see us. We know our being and our hair is a source of wonder/disgust/WTF moments. We know your curiosity overrides age differences and erases the respect and regard you reserve for your own people. We know white privilege says its not for you to know and observe that in our culture you NEVER touch a grown man/woman in the crown- its the height of disrespect. We know you can’t help yourself but fuck off! GEEEV US US FREE!!! Wow this gif makes me sooo uncomfortable. I can’t stop cringing. Lawd Jesus, this child petting her!!!


[img: a black and white photo (with a hint of sepia aka tints of brown) of justin beiber and esperanza. justin beiber is a white teenaged boy and esperanza is a black woman who looks to be in her mid-late 20s who is rocking a most fabulous natural afro. Beiber mouths “I like your hair” and then proceeds to touch her afro without asking if he could and Esperanza replies “thank you” while he is touching her hair.]