Haven’t written in a bit

So I thought I’d share my stressful/good last few days. Recently I moved from Brooklyn to Harlem. The move itself was stressful, not because of having to pack my minimal amount of stuff, but because I had to help my roommate who had WAY too much stuff. So after moving her from 8 AM until after midnight last Saturday, and then being pretty worried about how I was going to move my stuff from Brooklyn to Manhattan after rides fell through, and certain people (as usual) flaked—-I at last arrived in my new apartment Sunday afternoon.

I unpacked quickly, showered, and then met up with people for the super bowl. Unfortunately my team lost and when I went to wallow in a frosty, Wendy’s was out! (WHAT???).

Fast forward—I took Tuesday off after feeling terrible all day Monday. I spent most of the day doing my hair. I’d been using vinegar in my hair but it just was not getting the build up out. So then I scrubbed a little baking soda in it (forgetting about the reaction between vinegar and baking soda) and my hair foamed up. But everything came out nicely and then I twisted my hair into bantu knots.

I spent the afternoon/evening at the Jimmy Fallon show taping. I didn’t really know any of the guests (Kevin Nealon, Timothy Olyphante and some country group) or at least well, BUT the Roots were playing as always and that made it much better. And it was interesting to see how those “late” shows are filmed.

Then for the crowning experience—-SHAKE SHACK! That burger was crack! Just melted in my mouth. My mouth is watering as I think about it. The custard of the day wasn’t something I wanted, and I admit I didn’t make the best choices for the “create your own” concrete—but it was still good (caramel and chocolate toffee). I MUST RETURN!

That’s all. Tomorrow is Friday and that is wonderful!