About me Challenge: Day 23

5 people I’m annoyed with…um…

  1. the person who decides to only contact me when in need of something or when it’s personally convenient or when there’s absolutely no one else to hang out with–who never calls, and has NO regard for my feelings
  2. the person who is never at the office and ALWAYS LATE FOR EVERY MEETING!!!!!
  3. the friend in MS who sucks at calling 😀
  4. the person who calls me multiple times a day and e-mails too much, who makes me write things only to rewrite them in really bad grammar, who causes me to have to spend hours looking up grammar rules because the writing is SO terrible
  5. the person who is always on the defense and spends 5-15 minutes EVERY meeting repeating the same sentences and rejecting fault for anything and everything that goes wrong