Year: 2011

12 Workouts of Xmas

So I was supposed to start this two days ago (Tuesday) so that the last day of the 12 days would be xmas eve, and i would get to enjoy xmas day off. BUT…food poisoning happened that left me in bed unable to get up for 24 hours. And then my stomach was still kinda sore from the violent cramps from the day before and I didn’t want to push too hard by working out. SOOOOO long story short, today I started the 12 workouts of xmas, which just means I will finish the day after xmas, which is OK too…just in time to fly up north to see my sister and then have a banging NYE in NYC —and maybe have an even more banging body 😉 12 Workouts of Xmas

Today was a good day

in the end. it started out anonymously. and by that i mean i received an anonymous message via tumblr telling me that someone that I had thought I’d become cool with again (after a couple of bullshit years in undergrad) is STILL talking shit about me to other people and is apparently telling people some very personal business about me. This concerns me for more than one reason, the big one being that I don’t actually tell this person personal information about myself because i still DON’T trust him from the first go around. which means any personal business is coming from a good friend i thought i could trust or one other person who i’ve only recently realized i don’t really like that much but can’t really get away from. so it was a shitty start to the day—feeling betrayed and dealing with some really juvenile drama. i really don’t understand why my life and my business is still SO fascinating to this person. my mother’s theory is that he just wants what he …