Samba in NYC

This was my samba teacher today, and that literally was the pace of the class and many of the combinations that we did. She slowed it down in the beginning but only to show it like 4 times before full speed. But I loved it, every minute of it. My feet and ankles were burning for some of it and I was dripping sweat like everyone else. Afterward all I could think about was a bowl of açaí like I often had on hot days in Brazil, or after a capoeira class. I almost bought this açaí sorbet at whole foods but decided not to get the $6 sorbet and instead get some coconut water (which I really didn’t like to drink while in Brazil, but it’s slowly growing on me, and it’s definitely preferable to gatorade).

Then, as if to round out my evening, I drank my coconut water on the subway platform waiting for the L listening to the same two men who are always (pleasantly) there playing the djembe and the marimba and singing.

Good evening!