Capoeira–Afro/Brazilian Yoga

After a long day/long week of meetings, making advertisements (poster, newsletter, press release), sitting in front of computers for hours on end, dealing with the bureaucracy of applying for food stamps, and—fresh today—maggots in the trash, I was in need of some de-stressing/detox/I need to get my fat ass moving about.

So when I got home I put on some music just intending to stretch and decided since I can’t go to training, I can at least do some solitary capoeira in my room—it’s good strength training, right? I mean all you need is a berimbau squared’s amount of room and a wall and you can work on tiny aú, aú de cabeça, ponte, queda de rins, ginga (of course), negativa, and bananeiras forever.

For any angoleiros out there, I don’t need to tell you how little time it takes to work up a sweat and wear yourself out. I guess this is what I will have to do until I can save up some dollars to either go to training or to dance classes.

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