Home sweet Home

My apartment is finally starting to feel like home. It has some serious issues but we’re trying to work them out and get comfy with our surroundings. It’s been an interesting journey thus far even to finding an apartment and now that I’ve moved in, we’ve had to deal a multitude of things:

1) the crazy girl whose room I moved into: She and my roommates moved into the apt just a month ago and within a few weeks lost her mind, did some nutso things, and said some things…not to mention her general passive aggressivity. So she left, but she couldn’t move her stuff all out and thus it was sitting in the hall from sept 1, until early this week. So now we have our hallway back!!! But she refuses to give the key back since her name is on the lease (crazy b*tch)

2) Cable/Internet: it was supposed to be installed YESTERDAY. The guy came 15 minutes before the end of his 1st window when my housemate had to leave for work. Then he said some crazy ish about whether her boyfriend would be home when he came back because he prefers to work with women (*side eye*). He then came back 15 minutes after the second window, said he had to drill holes and didn’t have the tools, then shows his behind again by going in my room to “look” for cables and then interrogate me about my brazilian flag and my hammock. He asks “how do you and your boyfriend sleep in that together.” I just looked at him and laughed. then he asks me if I’ll lay in it so he can see how someone sleeps in it (*side eye* again!).

So after all that, no cable, no internet and we have to call and complain about sexual harassment and the job not getting done. So after sharing considerable discontent they say they’ll send someone out the next day (today). He comes in the morning (different guy) and can’t do anything unless he can get into the basement apt to check if the wires are grounded. (Note: we have some crazy a** people living in the basement. They weren’t home, and they changed the locks so that our stupid landlord didn’t have keys, nor did he ask for them) So after a long back and forth with the landlord who said he could get the keys and open the door for the second window, he didn’t even show up!!, But luckily the people came home at  6, and the guys installed the cable and internet, WOOHOO!!

3) The lake in the kitchen: our faucet has been leaking and cascading water all over the floor. The super finally came and replaced the faucet completely, AND changed the handles to be correct so hot gives hot water and cold gives cold water. No more puddles.

Baby steps…some things down, some things to go.

Cable/internet (check)

Leaky faucet repaired (check)

crazy roommate gone (check)

Still left…

leaky fridge repair, leaky toilet repair, some more storage space in the kitchen, retrieve key from crazy roommate, get rid of flies,  keep the mice away, get a doorbell

the pots and pans, microwave, and mailbox are on the way!

It may be hard to get to and from home (what with the tenuous M train service), and some of our neighbors are a bit shady, but it’s starting to feel like home sweet home…house warming party coming soon!!