Salt, religion, random thoughts

Many of my friends know that I have this ridiculous salt tooth. I mean, I don’t sprinkle ridiculous amounts of salt in my food, it’s more that I just crave things that are salty as opposed to sweet. Even after I eat dessert I usually want something salty afterward. My sisters are kind of the same way. So I’ve been wondering what this means since today I could NOT stop eating these cheetos and then only stopped to save some for after lunch when I knew I’d want something salty in the afternoon.

Multiple sources I found online attribute craving salt with adrenal fatigue (the two little glands sitting on top of your kidneys). Mini science lesson: the adrenal gland is controlled by your pituitary and hypothalamus, they act in response to stresses (y’all know adrenaline) including injury, danger, drugs/medications, irritating people, job-stress, cold/heat, giving birth, menstruating, crazy diets, even staring at the computer monitor, etc. So basically they don’t discern between physical and mental stress. So they get exhausted and you utilize all sorts of caffeinated products to keep going.

So here’s where I laughed out loud (but it’s not really funny). The symptoms of adrenal fatigue include (but not limited to):

Low energy – weakness, fatigue; Lethargy; Fluid retention; Sleepiness; Tendency to gain weight and unable to lose it; Blood sugar problems; Feel better suddenly after a meal; Difficulty getting out of bed, lack of energy which returns from 3-5 PM; Need for mid-afternoon naps; Nervousness; Anxiety (worry), frequent feelings of stress; Difficulty handling stress; Need for caffeine or stimulants to get going; Salt cravings, fat cravings and cravings for high protein foods such as cheese and meat; Out of breath when going up stairs; High or low blood pressure; Tendency to get the flu; Pain in the upper back and neck for no reason; Lightheadedness when rising from a lying down position; Unable to remember things

So I bolded the ones that are particular to me—and it’s hilarious because all I want to do is nap right now, and the cravings are TOTALLY on point (especially the meat and cheese), and lately I felt like a patient with dementia where I’ve parked the car and literally couldn’t get back to it.

Anyway, they have a lot of suggestions for remedying such problem such as using sea salt to get the minerals not in table salt, more vitamin C, healthy fats and more copper—we’ll see.

On to my other randomness. As I was reading Lies My Teacher Told Me on the train today I was in the chapter about how skewed and generally f-d up the historical accounts involving Native Americans are. But there was one passage about religion that stood out to really put in perspective how belittling and short-sighted Eurocentric and Judeo-Christian centered historical accounts are towards any other religion or faith that’s—namely—non-white and non-European (although not exclusively, there were some white and/or European religious groups also berated through history)

‘The American Way [a textbook] describes Native American religion in these words: “These Native Americans [in the Southeast] believed that nature was filled with spirits. Each form of life, such as plants and animals, had a spirit. Earth and air held spirits too. People were never alone. They shared their lives with the spirits of nature.”…Stated flatly like this, the beliefs seem like make-believe, not the sophisticated theology of a higher civilization. Let us try a similarly succinct summary of the beliefs of many Christians today: “These Americans believed that one great male god ruled the world. Sometimes they divided him into three parts, which they called father, son, and holy ghost. They ate crackers and wine or grape juice, believing that they were eating the son’s body and drinking his blood. If they believed strongly enough, they would live on forever after they died.”’

Something to chew on…