Finally moved in!!

I write this from my hammock in my room listening to the brazilian music that I won’t be hearing on the streets of manhattan (since little did I know it was brazil day and that Carlinhos Brown is performing…too much happens here and I can’t keep up!).  I moved in on Wednesday and was supposed to have my stuff on thursday evening, but due to a trifling delivery guy, I didn’t receive it until Friday after spending the entire evening (~3 hours) waiting for said delivery.

But all my stuff arrived friday night and I unpacked it all and had a little celebratory drink with the rest of my chipotle. For the past few weeks I’ve been debating what kind of furniture I would buy for my room, since it’s totally unfurnished. But after using my boxes as a makeshift night stand, bookshelf, and dresser, I’m not sure how much if anything I will buy. Maybe I’ll go to target and get those cloth drawers that you’re supposed to put into shelves to make drawers but not buy the shelves. That way I’ll just have some compartments to separate things but that fold up afterward.

Who knows?!

But I have a place to live, groceries, and I started my job (which is still a little confusing). Only one more thing to do to be completely done settling in—but already I’m breathing more easily.