Another twist to the story

While I had to be thrown for yet again one more loop in the saga of operation: find an apartment in New York, I did complete the mission. So I will not be living with unknown 25/20s but rather 3 seemingly chill people in another part of Bushwick. The downside is no laundry room, gym, sauna, or pool that was in the apartment I thought I was going to be living in, but now I get a room I can stand up in with roommates that will be more than just passersby in the same vicinity.

Now I’m home in Florida where I made a mad dash to pack up the rest of my life and shipped it all off this morning. I still have an unfortunate couple of days before I can actually move in (which is the day before I officially start work), and more unfortunate still is that my stuff won’t arrive until the day I have to start work which means I won’t be there when it arrives and it has to sit outside and hopefully not get stolen (**crosses fingers**)

Tomorrow it’s back to NYC with my parents this time who want to go see the Lion King, and maybe I’ll go to prospect park to celebrate MJ with the masses.