And the saga continues…

AAHH!! I thought I’d be moving in, FINALLY, this weekend, and of course, if something can go wrong it will. I was hoping to be living somewhere before my birthday (tomorrow), so there goes that self-present. But hopefully, I’ll be there with some strange 25/20s next week. But the apartment building is at least nice—it has a gym/pool/sauna in the basement, a laundry room that takes CARDS!! (no more quarter hunts), a rooftop with a jacuzzi, and a lounge on the first floor with free WiFi and a tv and soon a cafe. So I figured that more than makes up for some weird college student roommates who may not be all that weird (I shouldn’t judge).

ON another note…I had my first true hatred for subways this morning as the R train was not only extra slow, but straight up STOPPED two stops before where I needed to be and told us to switch to the 6 train. But, of course, there’s the hitch that there wasn’t an UPTOWN 6 train for another like 6 blocks. So now I’m late for the seminar, which was utterly boring to begin with. Plus I can’t help but remark on the transfer from the R—F and vice versa that’s separated by 6 flights of stairs (going up on the way home, when you’re already dumb tired).

I finally finished all the crazy foundation seminars although not one of them actually taught me anything about WRITING proposals and focused entirely on how to look for grant givers, build relationships, and start/maintain non-profits (not really relevant to my job right now). While I should have been using the two free days this week to secure food stamps, I still don’t have an address, therefore, I can’t apply for food stamps (damn this never ending process).

New York is a strange and wonderful place, and I think I want to stay here another year, hopefully able to afford an apartment with people I want to live with or alone. There is always something to do, or something crazy/just plain odd happening. Today I saw a man trying to be in style with the new look of thick rimmed black, prescription-less glasses. This fool had on the 3D glasses they give you at the movie theater. (HA) But on a completely random other note I got a jamba juice for $1 today (highlight of my day)

I think I’ll quit my ramblings but I can not forget to say CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BEST FRIEND DANIELLE FOR GIVING BIRTH TO A HEALTH BABY GIRL!!!!! WOOOHOOO!! And she did it without drugs, at home, with a midwife, in water. Amazing!! When someone close to you has a life altering experience like that, it really slaps you in the face that we’re actually adults. It makes me a little nostalgic for childhood, yet excited (although feeling unprepared) for the next stage. *sigh* it’s happening so quickly!

Tomorrow I’m 22