Whole foods takes EBT…and other NYC adventures

Besides still being homeless (although now staying with an obie instead of living in a hostel) things are still rather strange. This week was a week of more training and going to the foundation center to learn about fundraising and all that ish. We crashed and burned on the apartment we should’ve been moving into this weekend and now the search continues. There were some rambunctious British dudes at the hostel who proceeded to come in, strip down to boxers because they were too hot, and stand around talking and drinking beer for an hour, while I sat there on my computer.

Then today, we had a team building session on governor’s island with the current/old VISTAs. It was a quick trip there, to ride bikes (which, of course, I didn’t do) for an hour and then talk—then leave and get a free meal at chipotle (definite plus!!). Then, because I had all this time to kill, no internet to set up apartment showings, I just went to Barnes and Noble and spent my little bit of money (wisely or unwisely, i don’t know), read the Color Purple while I was in there (I still haven’t read it but I didn’t buy it), then continued to waste away my money on Starbucks and then food for the weekend from whole foods.

This is when I made the discovery that whole foods accepts EBT. Maybe this has always been the case, but being that I know NOTHING about EBT and this is the first year that I will ever be using it, it was news to me. Granted, I wouldn’t do my primary shopping there since stuff is so expensive that I’d probably spend my entire monthly allowance on like 3 things, it is good to know.

Then when I thought I’d killed all the time I could and the friend I’m staying with  would be home, I get to her house and no one’s there. I call her and she tells me to go around the back of the house and crawl through a window. I’m thinking “Oh lord, someone’s gonna see my Black ass trying to open someone else’s window and crawl through and call the police. Let me figure out a way to explain this to the police.” And then to make matters worse, the window wasn’t on solid ground. It was above a cement staircase going down to a basement level. Now I’m sticking my hand through a metal railing perpendicular to the house but above the staircase (meant to keep people from falling over and down the stairs) to open this window. Shoving my stuff through said window, and then climbing over this railing, balancing for dear life so that I don’t fall to a cement landing and break a leg so as to get a leg through this window. Did I mention the window is like a foot and a half by two feet and that the other side of the window was ANOTHER staircase going down??

After all that, I get in the house only to find out that one of the dudes WAS there, he just chose not to answer the door.

Oh well. At least I get paid on Monday