First Week in NYC

I’ve spent the week virtually glued to craigslist and my cell phone, contacting people about apartments and setting up viewings. I should’ve spent all day Tuesday looking at apartments but I was just so tired and still a little anxious about being here alone. I went and saw one apartment in Bedstuy. Nice neighborhood, looked great in the ad. This apartment showed how necessary it is to actually go and look at the apartment, because the pictures online made the 3 bdr duplex look nice and spacious, and upon arrival, it was practically a railroaded 3 bedroom. We would be living almost on top of each other. Plus there was a hidden broker fee—-NEXT. I spent the rest of the day with some other obies, ate some food, relaxed, and went to a karaoke bar in Korea Town. Didn’t get back to the hostel until past 2 AM.

Then my ass had to get up at 6 AM to get ready for orientation and get on the train. Orientation wasn’t quite what I expected, but not in a bad way. It was more engaging and not just being lectured at about what poverty is, what health disparities are, etc. They pay us almost NOTHING, but they came out of nowhere with some extravagant lunch with salmon and grilled vegetables and ice cream. They should just save that money and put it in our pockets. Lunch the next day was also pretty extravagant.

I’ve seen 4-5 apartments over the last few days, and while I’ve been aiming at Brooklyn to live in, I decided to switch gears and look in Harlem/Wash Hts. I’ve had significantly more luck in Harlem with the price range and neighborhood combination. I found a great place last night that I filled the application for right away. The only problem is, a lot of people are very interested in this apartment (who wouldn’t it nets a bit less than 600 a month, all utilities included, laundry room on the first floor, 24 hour security, balcony, near major grocery stores/restaurants). If we don’t get our paperwork in before someone else, it’s done. I turned mine in, another person is probably turning hers in as we speak, but the third wasn’t picking up the phone last night and didn’t respond until she was on her way to being unavailable for the next few hours. I’m just praying that the other people who look at the apartment today/last night won’t have all their people together or will have to get a money order and won’t have it ready until late tonight. I WANT THIS APARTMENT, AND I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A HOSTEL ANYMORE!!!

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