Killing me HARD

I want this apartment hunt to be over and settled. I find a great place and contact right away and try to set up a viewing time, and then he starts flaking. We were supposed to have seen it on monday night but he didn’t set up a time with his tenant (since he’s out of town). Call him again tuesday and wednesday to no avail, times just didn’t get set on his end. Then we finally e-mail him AGAIN today and he says the apartment was rented out last night. BAAAHH!!!

He suggests another apartment in the same building, but it’s a TRIPLEX for 6-8 people. There are only 4 of us. But it’s desirable because it’s partially furnished. So now what’s left to know is whether he can rent it to us on a bedroom basis so that the 4 of us can only pay $600 a piece, or if we have to get the whole thing and split the cost (which isn’t possible). Anybody else need a place to live in Brooklyn like now?!

So I’m forecasting I will be in brooklyn on monday evening quite homeless. What to do… I was much more confident last week but time is dwindling. It’s already Wed. night.

Here’s to finding a home…