Repeat, repeat!

Performed the exhaustion test after week 4 of 100push up/200 sit up challenge. Fail! I have to repeat week 4 for push ups in a very serious way. I wasn’t even qualified for the  lowest column in week 5. Oh well. It could have something to do with the laps i swam this morning—about a third of a mile in total.

Since this is all so interesting I’ll move on. A week until the bday festivities for the madre and 3 weeks until I move to NYC, place to be determined. Until then I continue to cram exercise down my throat as well as hella water and too many veggies and fruits to consume and yet still don’t reach the amount of daily servings.

It’s weird not going back to oberlin this semester, but I guess I will be semi in oberlin because I’ll be in ny where 1/3 of oberlin alums live.

until something more interesting…