I’m back in Florida after a two day drive from Ohio. One of those days (from Knoxville, TN-home) consisted of me almost having a heat stroke as my air conditioner stopped working almost as soon as I took off. It was 80 degrees at like 8 in the morning when I left and I only drove further south as they day moved towards the hottest part of the day. UGH!

But I made it Friday afternoon. Saturday I spent unpacking my overstuffed car (whoever said a VW Beetle was impractical for moving, didn’t know how to pack a car) Now I sit around figuring out how to clean out years worth of stuff in my room and downsize to get ready to move to wherever it is I’m moving—place TBD.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try an blog every day, although I don’t have much faith in that happening. More like I don’t want to blog and bore anyone who may happen to read it, although I doubt anyone actually reads this. So, I’ll try and keep it interesting, from here on out.

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