Month: June 2010


I’ve started scrapbooking again and working on all the stuff and pictures I kept from sophomore year and I came across this flyer of the first semester Ilu Aiye concert. I got so teary eyed thinking about the fun rehearsals and fun people (minus a few), and when the group was actually good, under the right leadership and was strong both rythmically and vocally. oh man, nostalgia

Oil Spill

They finally closed the beach in Pensacola, which is about an hour’s drive away from me. I haven’t gone to the beach since I got home but clearly I need to go in the next couple days before they close our beaches. This is just sad and ridiculous. Who knows how far this oil is going to carry, how long it’s going to take to clean up, and how awful this year’s hurricane season is gonna be. Damn! (Source:

Spinning Into Butter

So I’m watching this movie right now and when the scene where the POCs get upset at the white only faculty making apologetic statements about the racist incidents on campus came up, all I could think was how relevant the students’ back and forth was to other liberal arts (read oberlin) schools in the US, and nationwide. It isn’t the best movie, but it does bring up some interesting points of discussion. I guess it was a play first, here’s the wikipedia link: (Source:

Not so good

I wanted dessert so I made brownies. I haven’t made banging brownies since the first time I ever tried, this year, in the co-op. They were fudgy chewy squares of bliss. Since then it’s been more miss than hit, although the little brownie bites I made were good—I also put hella oil in it. So I tried a new recipe today. They smelled of this insanely fudgy chocolate while cooking, but out of the oven, they were chewy, not as gooey as I would like, too cocoa powdery and not rich enough, also kind of dry. So I guess I’m gonna have to try again. Ah well. Maybe I’ll make one dessert a week in small portions and perfect them because baking can be a real pain if the result isn’t satisfying.

Cleanin’ out my closet…literally

I’ve been trying to clean out my room, my closet, everything I own and give it away. Why not sell it? Because it’s a pain in the behind and donations are supposedly faster and then you get a tax write-off. I say supposedly because I spent a few hours on itemizing all of the things that I was giving away. A real time-consumer, but in the end it’s worth it because the website puts a value on all the things you’re giving away, adds it all up, and then shows you the savings you’re making in terms of a deduction. At least at the end of the next week or two I’ll feel lighter. Next on my list of to do is buy myself a hammock stand since my mother won’t let me put the anchors in the walls so I can hang it that way. Soon I’ll be lazing in my hammock.