party until the break of dawn…no literally!

The adventures continue.

Went to a club here. Not at all what I expected. It was kind of disappointing but I guess it’s because I’m used to being in the US where people actually dance at clubs, well some clubs. But it was alright. There was a live performer from like 11:30 until like 2 AM. He was cool, and the people from here were falling over themselves to get a picture of him. I really need to learn how to samba, it may make this brazil-club thing a little easier.

There was free beer until 11 pm, but sucky for me, I hate beer. But the caipirinhas were good, and quite cheap—R$ 3.50 about = to $1.50 in the US. At 2 AM a side club opened up that was attached that played all American hip-hop, and it was air conditioned. That was a lot of fun. Everyone was staring at us because we were pretty much the only ones dancing, of course, like Americans, while everyone was 2-stepping. Oh well. At around 4 they started playing techno and I was pretty much through and went back outside to the main area and slept while everyone else danced. We left around 5:30 AM, went to get breakfast at a place populated with prostitutes and transvestites and I got home a little before 7 AM. (BTW this was in celebration of a girl’s bday in the program) There was more party later that night at her house, but much more sedated.

No pics, sorry.

I’m not sure when I’m going to find the time to do the work I need to do for the dance show in the spring, to study for the GRE, to apply for shit after college…it’s kind of stressing me out. On top of all of this, I still don’t speak portuguese as well as I would like and we’re supposed to be interviewing people this week. I can somewhat understand them, but I suck at formulating sentences and questions…I’m starting to get nervous about learning enough portuguese for my independent project in nov. since we only have a few more weeks of portuguese class left. AAHH!

we’ll see how this goes